In a rapidly-changing tech landscape, IT professionals must upgrade their skills to stay relevant among the competition, according to a new report from career site Dice.

Dice analyzed the fastest-growing skills in tech job postings to determine what was trending in 2017, and what to expect for the future, according to a post from president and CEO Mike Durney. Web development, platform/infrastructure, and process management all dominated the skills employers most desire in their tech workers, the report found.

“Tech professionals who embrace change as an opportunity, rather than viewing upskilling as a hamster wheel, are those who will succeed in finding a career that is evolving and satisfying,” Durney wrote.

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Here are the 10 fastest-growing tech skills of 2017, according to Dice:

1. Docker

Year over year change: 1017%

“[It] seems exaggerated to include a skill growing as rapidly as Docker, but the cloud-based open platform for developers to build, deploy and run applications across devices can’t be played up enough,” Durney wrote. “DevOps and software engineers with the skill are tasked with supporting constantly growing infrastructure and applications.”

2. React.js

Year over year change: 806%

Web development trends change rapidly as technology evolves, Durney noted. “A skill like React.js, the Javascript library leveraged by Facebook and Instagram, points to the heightened demand for an appealing UI and interaction with online communities,” he wrote.


Year over year change: 84%

“While HTML is certainly not new, it is the foundation of most sites and demand for this skill doesn’t appear to be waning in the foreseeable future,” Durney wrote.

4. Test-driven development

Year over year change: 84%

Software companies that can bring an effective, bug-free product to market quickly are the most successful, according to the report. “We won’t debate the pros and cons of which project management methodology is best, but demand for tech pros with Test Driven Development is growing in popularity among companies, many of which may have legacy products that need improving,” Durney wrote.

5. Network attached storage

Year over year change: 73%

More companies are leveraging network attached storage, or file-level computer data storage servers connected to a computer network that provides data access to a group of people.

6. Internet of Things

Year over year change: 60%

“It should be no surprise employers are hiring tech pros with Internet of Things experience as more consumers wear their technology daily rather than interact with it occasionally,” Durney wrote.

7. Application service provider

Year over year change: 57%

The need for application service providers (ASPs), which provide computer-based services to customers over a network, has evolved as software grows more complex.

8. Kanban

Year over year change: 50%

As more firms adopt the agile methodology, employers are increasingly looking for scrum masters, product owners, and developers with Kanban to work in fast-paced environments, often running multiple teams, the report noted.


Year over year change: 49%

SAP HANA is SAP’s in-memory platform that handles data processing and other tasks.

10. Web API

Year over year change: 37%

Web API is a framework that makes it easier to build HTTP services that reach a broad range of clients, including browsers and mobile devices.

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