The 10 frameworks managers actually want developers to know in 2019

Demand for many of these frameworks outpaces the supply of developers available who know them, according to a HackerRank report.

Why JavaScript is the most popular programming language

The more popular development frameworks that programmers are learning aren't necessarily the ones that hiring managers need the most, according to HackerRank's annual Developer Skills Report, released Tuesday.

The report surveyed more than 71,000 professional and student developers from more than 100 countries. While these developers have taken a stronger interest in React, only 26% said they know the framework, while 39% of companies said they are looking for talent in this area, the report found.

While the JavaScript ecosystem is constantly evolving and can be difficult to keep up with, learning React could be a worthwhile investment for developers, the report noted.

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"Technology is constantly changing and developers always find a better, elegant, faster way to solve problems," Vivek Ravisankar, co-founder and CEO of HackerRank, told TechRepublic. "For example, people used to build websites using plain HTML/CSS/JS and then the concept of MVC took storm, leading to many frameworks being built. It fundamentally changed the way developers started to build apps."

Today, there are more available frameworks, as well as advances happening across the different stacks of building an app, Ravisankar said.

"Another example is how the once popular Jquery isn't being used anymore with the advent of React," he added. "This will continue to happen and companies will always continue to upgrade the stack. It's important as a developer to be on top of the new advances."

Here are the top 10 development frameworks hiring managers want, versus the frameworks developers actually know:

1. React

Hiring managers who want it: 39%

Developers who know it: 26%

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2. Angular JS

Hiring managers who want it: 38%

Developers who know it: 34%

3. Spring

Hiring managers who want it: 23%

Developers who know it: 26%

4. Vue.JS

Hiring managers who want it: 18%

Developers who know it: 10%

5. .NETCore

Hiring managers who want it: 17%

Developers who know it: 16%

6. Django

Hiring managers who want it: 16%

Developers who know it: 18%

7. ExpressJS

Hiring managers who want it: 16%

Developers who know it: 20%

8. Ruby on Rails

Hiring managers who want it: 10%

Developers who know it: 11%

9. ASP

Hiring managers who want it: 9%

Developers who know it: 19%

10. Spark

Hiring managers who want it: 7%

Developers who know it: 6%

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • React, Angular JS, and Spring are the development frameworks that hiring managers are seeking out the most often. -- HackerRank, 2019
  • Developers should keep up with advancements in frameworks and programming languages to keep their skills in-demand. -- HackerRank, 2019

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