With the latest group of college graduates entering the job market, job hunting is at the forefront of many young professionals’ minds. To help recent graduates, or those looking to make a career change, Indeed compiled its annual list of the 50 top-rated workplaces in the Fortune 500.

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The list, released Tuesday, was based on more than 150 million ratings and reviews on Indeed Company pages. All companies considered were members of the Fortune 500 Index and had at least 100 reviews on Indeed. Components including benefits, work environment, growth opportunity, and satisfaction with management were all taken into account for overall employee satisfaction.

“These 50 organizations represent a very diverse list of exceptional workplaces, which tells us that being a great place to work has nothing to do with the sector, geography, or age of a company,” Indeed senior vice president, Paul D’Arcy, said in a press release. “Each of these companies have shown the importance of valuing their teams’ specific needs to create a desirable and productive work environment. Being a champion for your employees is a choice, and we at Indeed think it is important to recognize these companies for choosing to implement great workplace programs for their teams.”

Here are the top 10 companies from the list:

1. Adobe
2. Facebook
3. Southwest Airlines
4. Live Nation
5. Intuit
6. Costco Wholesale
7. Delta
8. eBay Inc.
9. Microsoft
10. Johnson & Johnson

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