This year, the 10 Things blog has covered a range of emerging trends, vexing support issues, innovative solutions, and IT career topics. And as usual, the number of popular posts completely blows away the “Top 10” limit. But rules are rules. So I winnowed down the choices to the 10 pieces that grabbed the most attention during the past year.

Then I threw in some more.

Thanks to our hardworking contributors and loyal readers for all their insights, knowledge-sharing, and discussion-thread banter. Here’s to a stellar 2014!

The top 10

1: 10 signs your staff is about to mutiny

When your staff is frustrated and resentful, morale and productivity can take a big hit. Knowing how to spot the signs may help you preempt a full-scale rebellion.

2: 10 stupid things people do in their data centers

Small missteps can turn into huge problems in the data center — and that can mean big trouble for your organization (and for you).

3: 10 reasons not to fix computers for free

Do you feel like a heel if you don’t want to fix computer problems for friends and family? Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t feel guilty.

4: 10 of the biggest IT sand traps

Many of the issues plaguing IT departments can be mitigated or sidestepped altogether. Here are some ways to deal with several common pitfalls.

5: 10 ways to survive a critical system outage

System outages are inevitable when working in IT. The trick is to get through the experience while keeping your wits and reputation intact.

6: 10 tips for spotting a phishing email

Phishing emails insinuate themselves into inboxes year-round, but the holidays bring out a rash of new scams. Help your users spot “fishy” emails.

7: 10 Chrome tricks to improve your browsing experience

No hacks, no registry tweaks, no add-ons: Just an arsenal of built-in tricks to make Chrome do your bidding.

8: 10 things you shouldn’t virtualize

Virtualization delivers a host of benefits — but that doesn’t mean that everything is a good fit for a virtual environment. Here are 10 things that should probably stay physical.

9: 10 signs it’s time to let an employee go

For some, it’s tough to let an employee go, even when the signs are obvious. If you see these behaviors, prepare to make a personnel move.

10: 10 underused Office features

Microsoft Office is so feature-packed, most users barely scratch the surface of its functionality. See if you’re using Office apps to their full potential.

Runners up

10 free tools that deserve a price tag

How would you feel about paying for the software you currently get for free? Here are some open source projects that deserve more than the odd donation.

10 cabling tips to keep your data center manageable

With a little planning and a few best practices, you can avoid the problems and maintenance headaches that come with improper cabling. rudest behaviors in the workplace

Most of us try not to be rude at work, but sometimes there’s a thin line between adorable quirkiness and just plain annoying. Here are some behaviors to avoid.

10 worst-case BYOD scenarios (and how to prevent them)

When it comes to BYOD, the best defense is a good offense. These proactive strategies will help you anticipate and avoid potential problems.

10 tech products that belong to the walking dead

Slow moving yet relentless, the walking dead are among us in the form of scary, disintegrating tech bits that refuse to die. Here are 10 that need the double-tap.

10 most common excuses heard from end users

If you’ve worked in IT support for a while, you’ve probably heard every conceivable excuse from your users. Do these sound familiar?

What about last year?

Comparing this year’s concerns to the things we were worrying about the year before offers an interesting view of where things might be headed. Here are the posts that topped the list in 2012: