It’s been four months since this blog launched, and it has already generated a substantial archive of posts on timesaving tools, labor-saving add-ons, and money-saving solutions. We’ve covered apps for all kinds of systems, platforms, and devices. There are apps for field techs, net admins, consultants, developers, Web designers, end users, and road warriors. There are apps for clueless newbies, power users, rookie techs, and seasoned IT pros. Check out this list of the most popular posts and see what’s out there for you.

1: Five Microsoft apps that will change IT

Microsoft has some potential game-changers on the horizon that could dramatically affect the company’s role in the enterprise.

2: Five Windows defraggers that won’t tie newbies into knots

Defrag tools tend to intimidate nontechnical users. But these defraggers are easy to use — and some have a nice selection of top-end features, to boot.

3: Five top alternatives to Microsoft Outlook

If you’re looking for an email client to replace Outlook, you’re in luck: Many solid alternatives are available. Jack Wallen lists five top contenders.

4: Five feature-rich Web browsers for the Android platform

Want more than basic browsing on your Android device? Here are five alternatives with enough features to satisfy nearly everyone.

5: The five best emergency toolkit apps to have in the field

Maybe you can’t anticipate every type of tech crisis you’re going to run into. But these five recovery tools will help you resolve a lot of dicey problems.

6: Five free replacements for Windows Explorer

If you’ve ever wished for more or better file management features than Windows Explorer offers, these free alternatives might be the answer.

7: Five free tools to keep your Windows PC running malware-free

You know you have to stay on top of those insidious malware threats, but what’s the most effective (and affordable) solution? Here are some good choices to consider.

8: Five free antivirus tools for Windows

The field of AV solutions has gotten crowded, making it tough to sort through your options. These five free tools are worth a look.

9: Five free, dead-easy IP traffic monitoring tools

When you really need to know what’s going on with your network, give one of these free monitors a try.

10: Five image editors for graphics novices

Today’s image editing apps tend to be pretty sophisticated, with more bells and whistles than everyone needs or wants. Here are a few simpler alternatives.

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