Last year, the Comic-Con 2010: Sexy geeks in costume received the most traffic of all our galleries, and so it’s no surprise that this year the roundup of the sexiest geeks in costume generated the most clicks of any TechRepublic gallery in 2011. See what other photo galleries were favorites (in terms of clicks) of your fellow IT pros this year.

1. 50 sexiest geeks in costume of 2011

2. Jason Hiner’s 20 most useful Android smartphone apps

3. A gallery of goofy error messages

4. NASA’s wondrous views of Earth

5. Apple iPad 2 Teardown

6. Vintage Computer Advertisements from the late 1970s

7. 20 worst-named tech products, ever

8. Hack the Nook Color into a full Android tablet

9. The 10 hottest tablets of 2011

10. Cracking open the HP TouchPad

What do you think was the best or most memorable photo gallery on TechRepublic this year? Let us know in the discussion.