This makes three years in a row that sexy geeks in costumes have been the most popular topic for TechRepublic galleries (see the 2010 and 2011 lists). See what other photo galleries were favorites (in terms of clicks) of your fellow IT pros 20 2012.

1. 50 sexy costumes from WonderCon 2012

Photo credit: DTJAAAAM via Flickr

2. 50 sexy costumes from Emerald City Comic Con 2012

Photo credit: DTJAAAAM via Flickr

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5. Jason Hiner’s 22 most useful iPad apps

Credit: Jason Hiner | TechRepublic

6. Dragon*Con 2012: Most unusual costumes

Photo credit: heathervesta via Flickr

7. 10 free tools that IT pros love

8. Unusual costumes at Comic-Con 2012

Photo credit: PatLoika via Flickr

9. First Look: Windows 8 Consumer Preview simple and slick

Image by Mark Kaelin for TechRepublic

10. LEGO creations at Brickworld Indy 2012

Photo credit: Ben Biddle via Flickr