Through analysis of some recent employment studies and interviews with IT professionals and recruiters, Baseline Magazine determined the hottest IT positions today. Here is the list from Baseline Magazine:

1. Senior Level Java/J2EE and .NET Developers

“Most headhunters agree that finding lead developers with Java/J2EE or .NET proficiency and management experience can be a tall task in today’s market.”

2. Application Development Managers

“Dan Martineau of Martineau Recruiting Technology says that the need for application development managers nips closely at the heels of Java/J2EE opportunities at the top of search lists from clients.”

3. Security Professionals

“A recent CompTIA survey found that among all IT skills, security has the biggest disparity between demand and supply of proficient workers.”

4. Architects of All Stripes

All varieties of architects are in strong demand today, but there is a special need for those who can help organizations ramp up their burgeoning service-level architecture deployments.

5. Talented IT Managers

Businesses seek ideal candidates who not only have strong technical skills, but also proficiency in communication and business knowledge.

6. Business Technology Professionals

“The difference between business technology and information technology roles is that IT delivers a particular service-whether it’s a shared service or an application or whatever,” he says, “while business technology workers accomplish the hybrid goals that live between the business and IT. These are strategic roles that are all about aligning the business needs with IT.”

7. Database Administrators and Managers

This year Robert Half expects the biggest salary bumps in this category to benefit data modelers (7 percent) and business intelligence analysts (6.6 percent).

8. Infrastructure Pros with Strong Backgrounds in Virtualization

“Virtualization is the biggest thing going on in the data center right now.”

9. Web 2.0 Developers

“There’s a lot of interest in the Web 2.0 type applications and development, so people who have some sort of ability in that arena certainly have a leg up.”

10. Wireless Networking Experts

“Wireless IT skills are going to be critical in the not-too-distant future.”