This roundup of the most-viewed IT project management posts published on TechRepublic in 2011 features a Microsoft Project 2010 tutorial, advice on how to be successful, a look at the new role of PMs, and more.

Thanks to our writers and readers of our IT project management content for your contributions this year. Let us know what project management topics you’d like to see cover in 2012.

1: Create the timeline view in Microsoft Project 2010

If you use PowerPoint or Visio to create milestone reports, find out how using Microsoft Project 2010 Timeline View instead can save you time and a lot of hassle.

2: Three leadership behaviors of successful project managers

Andy Makar discusses three leadership behaviors that every project manager should strive to demonstrate. Let us know which leadership behaviors you would add to the list.

3: Free project management tools that rock

Andrew Makar explains why these three project collaboration tools are worth a look: Cohuman, Asana, and Trello.

4: Social coding — the next wave in development

New social coding tools are enabling a revolution in product development. Rick Freedman reveals what he sees as the key stumbling block for social development.

5: Three minutes to effective issue management

Find out what old writing trick one project manager employs in issue review meetings to help manage time better and keep team members focused.

6: Five tips to a better request for proposal

The Request for Proposal (RFP) process gives project managers challenges that aren’t always available in internal systems development. Andy Makar offers a five-step approach for improving the RFP process.

7: Project managers’ new role as social facilitators

Rick Freedman explores the project manager’s new role in a collaborative environment. Learn about four key success factors for PMs as social facilitators.

8: Five reasons to use MindGenius on your projects

MindGenius software provides a better user experience for data capture, categorization, and export activities than other mind mapping tools, according to IT project expert Dr. Andrew Makar.

9: Manage your project log in MindGenius

Dr. Andrew Makar says using MindGenius software for project logs is easier than filtering a spreadsheet. Read about the benefits of the mind mapping format.

10: Lessons learned in the Forming and Storming team development phases

Andy Makar shares his simple strategies for effectively managing a project team in the first two phases of Bruce Tuckman’s team development model, Forming and Storming.

Honorable mentions for three pre-2011 posts: