Tech job seekers need the right skills to land a lucrative job. A Thursday report from Indeed examined the fastest-growing skills that these professionals are searching for on their site, including the programming languages and tools they want to use in a new position.

Indeed analyzed the fastest-growing search terms used by job seekers looking for tech jobs on the site, and compared them to the year before.

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Here are the 10 hottest skills that tech job seekers are searching for in a new role.

1. Kubernetes

Year-over-year growth: 173%

Software developers familiar with Kubernetes–the fastest-growing skill tech job seekers searched, by far–can help organizations scale their cloud computing systems alongside other containerization tools like Docker, according to Indeed.

2. Magento

Year-over-year growth: 116%

Coming in at no. 2 is Magento, the open source ecommerce platform written in PHP. This software helps ecommerce businesses run smoothly, and jobs in this area are growing rapidly, Indeed found.

3. Verilog

Year-over-year growth: 89%

Verilog is a hardware description language used to model electronic systems. Its popularity on this list demonstrates how valuable hardware engineering still is, even if software skills are often more widely discussed, Indeed found.

4. Golang

Year-over-year growth: 81%

Golang–Google’s Go programming language, often called Go–is one of the most in-demand programming languages. Go powers some of Google’s biggest properties, and is optimized for running on the multicore processors, networked systems, and massive computation clusters that underlie web services.

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5. Ansible

Year-over-year growth: 72%

Open source software Ansible automates software provisioning, configuration management, and application deployment. Open source tools showed strong growth overall on this list.

6. Autocad

Year-over-year growth: 71%

Computer-aided design and drafting software application Autocad has been a mainstay in fields like architecture, graphic design, and engineering for years.

7. Laravel

Year-over-year growth: 66%

Another open source PHP software tool, Laravel is used in web application development.

8. React

Year-over-year growth: 61%

Facebook’s React framework was the fastest-growing tech skill last year, but fell to no. 8 this year.

9. Node.js

Year-over-year growth: 57%

Node.js stems from JavaScript, which remains one of the most in-demand programming languages in the enterprise.

10. C

Year-over-year growth: 54%

The programming language C remains popular in open source software, and for a variety of other uses.

Some tech skills experienced a drop in tech job searches this year, Indeed found, including Spark (down 47%), Hadoop (down 64%), Ruby (down 23%), Tableau (down 15%), and R (down 8%). However, this doesn’t mean that these skills are no longer needed. In many cases, a drop signals that the skill has matured, and may have a large overall share of searches. For example, while searches for “IT” are growing slowly, it is still one of the most common search terms for job seekers on Indeed, the report noted.

“Hadoop, AWS, R, Spark, and Tableau are all widely used tools and will likely continue to be so for some time,” Andrew Flowers, economist at Indeed, wrote in the report. “But in 2018 they are no longer among the ‘hot’ skills for tech job seekers.”