In September, we converted our Five Tips blog to Five Apps. (Be sure to check out our year-end wrap-up of the most popular Five Apps entries.) But we didn’t want to turn our back on nine months of great tips, so we put together this 10 Things list of the most popular Five Tips lists of 2011. Wheels within wheels.

1: Five tips for using CCleaner to degunk your system

CCleaner is one of the best all-around tools for keeping your computer optimized and free of the junk that accumulates from Internet surfing, obsolete apps, and other fragments that clog up your system.

2: Five tips for faster Web browsing

If you’re wasting too much time waiting (and waiting and waiting) for Web pages to load, give these tips a try. You should see an immediate, noticeable boost in speed, making your browsing experience faster and more efficient.

3: Five tips for efficient file management in Windows 7

Share these tips with Windows 7 newbies to reduce initial confusion and help them get up to speed quickly.

4: Five Word tips that could change your life

Searching for ways to increase your Word productivity may get in the way of your productivity. So here are a few tricks you don’t need to go looking for.

5: Five tips for restoring an unbootable hard drive

When you’re dealing with a system that won’t boot, you need to fall back on some diagnostic skills and recovery strategies. Jack Wallen shares his field-tested approach.

6: Five tips for getting cable clutter under control

Does your server room look like it’s ready for some marinara sauce and a few meatballs? Turn your cable chaos into a manageable system by following a few simple steps.

7: Five tips for using System Restore effectively

If a crash hoses your Windows system, System Restore can help you get things working again. Here are a few tips and precautions that will help you put this tool to work.

8: Five tips for controlling procrastination

Some people say procrastination works for them, keeping them sharp and efficient. But for others, it’s self-defeating, guilt-inducing, and demoralizing.

9: Five tips for customizing the Office 2010 Ribbon

Office 2010 gives you considerable leeway in tailoring the interface to work the way you want it to. Susan Harkins runs through some customization basics.

10: Five tips for reducing the stress of user support calls

Spend enough time on the helpdesk, and your nerves are likely to get a bit frayed. Here are some survival tips to help make the job less stressful.

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