The 10 most desirable US companies to work for in 2018

Based on actions taken on its site, LinkedIn compiled a list of the firms were professionals would most like to work.

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Building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation? Here are the big takeaways:
  • Amazon is the most desirable company to work for in 2018. -- LinkedIn, 2018
  • The top US 10 companies where people most want to work are all connected to the tech or media industries. -- LinkedIn, 2018

When it comes to where US professionals most want to work, companies in the tech industry top the list. Detailed in a new LinkedIn post, the social network for professionals examined the top companies where professionals most want to work, and what they're known for.

The list put 50 US companies in order based on their desirability. LinkedIn used data on its users' actions and examined "interest in the company, engagement with the company's employees, job demand and employee retention," to determine its ranking.

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Of the 50 companies listed, the top 10 were all either in tech or media, or related to those industries somehow. Here are the top 10 most desirable companies.

1. Amazon

Home to a massive e-commerce business and the world's top public cloud offering, Amazon is the country's second-largest private employer, the post said. Amazon's headcount is 566,000, and the firm is working to open a second headquarters.

2. Alphabet

Claiming a global headcount of 80,110, Alphabet is the parent company of Google, YouTube, and many others. According to the post, Alphabet boasts startup perks like free cafes, and is increasing its focus on artificial intelligence (AI).

3. Facebook

Another AI powerhouse, Facebook is a social media giant that has had its fair share of controversy lately. Some 25,100 work for Facebook, which is valued at more than half a trillion dollars.

4. Salesforce

Of the 30,000 employed at Salesforce, 35% are minorities, the post said. The company embraces an "ohana" culture of family, based on the Hawaiian meaning of the word.

5. Tesla

Tesla, which makes electric cars and related hardware, received 500,000 job applicants in 2017 alone. Every one of the 37,000 employees are granted stock, and the company allows workers to borrow Tesla vehicles in a carpooling program.

6. Apple

Apple is considered by many to be the world's most valuable brand, and that attracts many job seekers. The Cupertino-based firm employs 123,000 people and offers 18 weeks maternity leave, a 25% discount on products, and more, the post noted.

7. Comcast NBCUniversal

Telco giant Comcast NBCUniversal hired 36,000 new employees in 2017, bringing its total headcount to 164,000. According to the post, employees get free service and free access to Universal Studios park.

8. The Walt Disney Company

With a huge focus on digital media, Disney is seen as a forward-thinking firm. It owns some of the most premier entertainment brands and 199,000 employees around the world.

9. Oracle

Database giant Oracle gives its 138,000 employees an "as-needed" sick-time policy, a stock purchasing plan, and access to on-site dry cleaning. The firm has customers in 175 countries, the post said.

10. Netflix

Valued at more than $100 billion, Netflix only has 5,500 employees globally, the post said. The company is taking steps to grow its original content with plans for 700 original TV and movie titles.

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