The 15 best side jobs for professionals to boost your income

Many US workers resort to side jobs to supplement their full time work, according to FlexJobs. Here are some of the best side gig opportunities.

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Despite a low unemployment rate and strong labor market, US workers often turn to side jobs for additional income, according to a Monday FlexJobs blog post. One-third of Americans said they need side jobs to supplement their income from a full time job, and nearly half of millennials turn to the gig economy for extra cash. 

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To help employees find the most beneficial side jobs, FlexJobs created a list of the 15 most common side jobs, with compensation data from PayScale. 

Here are the best, most flexible side jobs for working Americans, according to FlexJobs: 

  1. Customer Service Representative: $14/hr
  2. Editor: $20/hr
  3. ESL Teacher: $20/hr
  4. Graphic Designer: $17/hr
  5. Interpreter: $20/hr
  6. Management Consultant: $60/hr
  7. Medical Coder: $18/hr
  8. Photographer: $16/hr
  9. Proofreader: $18/hr
  10. Sales Representative: $15/hr
  11. Social Media Manager: $16/hr
  12. Transcriber: $15/hr
  13. Tutor : $18/hr
  14. Virtual Assistant: $16/hr
  15. Writer: $20/hr

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