Being a tech professional does not guarantee a lavish lifestyle, according to an infographic from Howmuch. With data taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Howmuch illustrates the large pay range in tech.

By creating a double-sided pyramid, Howmuch outlines the 15 lowest- and highest-paid job titles, showing both a year’s salary and per hour salary. Based on the shape of the infographic, Howmuch reveals that the majority of tech job titles are paid between approximately $67,500 and $119,600.

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Unsurprisingly, managers are at the top of the pyramid, making between $120,444 and $149,730. Computer and Information Systems Managers take the cake with the highest wage, which contrasts greatly to the entry level technical support representatives, who make about $34,737 a year.

The median household income in the US is approximately $59,000, which means that a couple both working entry level tech jobs would be well over the US median, said Howmuch. Even though low-level tech work offers a slimmer paycheck, moving up the ladder could prove extremely financially beneficial in the long run.

The infographic reveals how a small alteration in job title can affect compensation, according to Howmuch. Representatives, specialists, and administrators are paid much lower compared to their analyst, developer, and architect coworkers.

If newly employed individuals are able to stick with the low-paying gigs at first, they’ll definitely see a significant pay off–so to speak–throughout their career.

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The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • A job in tech doesn’t guarantee good pay, with entry level positions beginning at $16.70 per hour
  • The job title is a significant factor in pay, which encourages many Americans to stay in the tech industry to take advantage of the money they could earn later in life.