Remote work is becoming the new norm for many employees: The benefits of increased flexibility and better work-life balance has led 73% of all teams to predict that they will have remote employees in the next decade.

Despite this freedom, for a variety of reasons, including legal, taxes, and licensing issues, the majority of remote jobs require workers to be based in a specific city, state, region, or country, according to a Monday report from FlexJobs.

To help remote job seekers find the best position, the report examined the states with the most jobs requiring candidates to be located in a certain place.

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“According to a new report, between 2010 and 2017 16% of all white-collar jobs added to the economy have been filled by people primarily working from home,” Sara Sutton, founder and CEO of FlexJobs, said in a press release. “As this and other data demonstrates, remote work overall is absolutely on the rise–including those that have a geographic requirement, but also the highly coveted remote jobs that can be done from any location.”

Here are the 15 states with the highest number of remote job listings last year, making them high potential targets for job seekers this year, along with the three most popular remote career categories:

1. California

Data entry, legal, nonprofit & philanthropy

2. Texas

Data entry, accounting & finance, software development

3. New York

Data entry, legal, accounting & finance

4. Virginia

Data entry, computer and IT, legal

5. Florida

Data entry, legal, editing

6. Illinois

Graphic design, data entry, accounting & finance

7. Pennsylvania

Data entry, computer and IT, legal

8. Georgia

Data entry, accounting & finance, computer and IT

9. North Carolina

Data entry, nonprofit & philanthropy, computer and IT

10. Massachusetts

Data entry, computer and IT, accounting & finance

11. Washington

Data entry, graphic design, editing

12. New Jersey

Data entry, legal, HR and recruiting

13. Arizona

Nonprofit & philanthropy, HR & recruiting, data entry

14. Minnesota

Data entry, accounting & finance, engineering

15. Ohio

HR & recruiting, data entry, computer and IT

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