At the 2017 SAP Sapphire Now conference in Orlando, 30,000 of the world’s top technologists and businesspeople gathered to learn about what’s next for the German technology giant. The big news was the addition of new features for Leonardo, including integrations in machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and blockchain technologies.

SAP also included new recruiting tools for businesses in one of its new digital transformation initiatives, as well as new features for the SAP S/4 HANA Cloud. And a partnership with Arianna Huffington, CEO of Thrive Global, aims to encourage employee wellness, which is critical to a business’s success.

Here are 7 videos with some of the world’s top innovators at SAP:

1. How developments in machine learning are turning data into a critical business asset

As an expert in data management, Maribel Lopez, strategic advisor at Lopez Research, talked to TechRepublic about how business leaders can harness the power of new tools like machine learning to better understand their company’s data.

2. How the growth of the PaaS model has boosted performance in the cloud

Lopez also talked about the cloud–specifically, how cloud technology has changed, and how innovation has led to dominance in the platform-as-a-service model. Lopez also gave advice for companies interested in moving data to the cloud.

3. How to prevent unconscious bias in HR using machine learning

After a panel discussion about how machine learning can help companies eliminate bias in hiring, Anka Wittenberg, SAP’s senior vice president and chief diversity and inclusion officer, talked to TechRepublic about how companies can use tech to eliminate bias in hiring.

4. How SAP Leonardo can help businesses ‘personalize the customer experience en masse’

Maggie Chan Jones, chief marketing officer at SAP, talked to TechRepublic about how the company is using Leonardo to help businesses improve engagement with their customers. Chan Jones gave specific examples of what Leonardo can do, and why it could greatly enhance and personalize experiences customers have with businesses.

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5. How data science can help sales teams see why deals are falling through

At SAP Sapphire Now, TechRepublic caught up with Sanchita Sur, CEO of Emplay, about how her company can assist businesses that want to learn why deals are, or aren’t, working.

6. How AI chatbots helped a data science company build a ‘responsive ecosystem’ to support sales

Sur also talked to TechRepublic about how businesses can capitalize on machine learning by using sales bots that give salespeople specific advice at work.

7. How a Brazilian manufacturer is using IoT to help farmers save money

Rafael Eduardo Da Costa, IT manager at Stara, talked to TechRepublic about innovations in farming–specifically, how sensors can enable “precision farming” that collects data and yields intelligent advice, saving farmers 10% a year.

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