For new techies entering the workforce, finding the right job is a daunting task. With a growing tech skills gap, there are many opportunities, each with their own challenges and opportunities.

Job site Indeed published a blog post Thursday, outlining the most popular jobs among entry-level job seekers. The firm looked at the most popular searches among users with less than five years of experience, and collected salary information associated with those positions.

Nine of the 15 most popular entry-level jobs were technical–primarily related to engineering and computing. The single most popular job was junior mechanical engineer, which had a popularity index rating of 4.78 and an average salary of $57,822.

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However, many tech jobs also made the list, as noted in the post. Here are the five most popular entry-level tech jobs (in order), and their average annual US salary:

  1. Junior Java Developer – $70,193
  2. CAE Engineer – $87,973
  3. Junior Product Designer – $57,234
  4. Junior Data Analyst – $53,476
  5. Junior Software Engineer – $56,116

Java has been a mainstay language for many years, with many modern business apps being built with it. However, Java’s popularity has been declining, as a push toward microservices has seen some firms and development teams look to languages like Node.js or Go instead.

Still, Java is heavily used in the enterprise, but more senior developers may be moving to positions that focus on different languages. According to the post, a junior Java developer job is “more than four times as popular among entry level job seekers than non-entry level job seekers.”

The growing number of unfilled tech jobs means that new grads looking for a career in tech might have more opportunities than others. But, that doesn’t mean the path to that job will be easy. To better your chances of landing an entry-level job, Indeed recommends cleaning up your social media, doing your research before applying, and setting a goal for the number of applications you’ll put out per week.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Junior Java Developer is the most popular entry-level tech job, with an average annual US salary of $70,193. — Indeed, 2018
  • To better chances of landing an entry-level job, applicants should clean up their social media, research the company, and apply to multiple jobs per week. — Indeed, 2018