The Apple iPhone 3G S made its debut just last week, and from all accounts the phone has been well received and the rollout smooth. Our own Sanity Saver and Editor in Chief, Jason Hiner, succumbed to temptation and got one.

But rather than join the crowd clamoring for the latest Apple offering, we joined with our friends over at iFixit to Crack Open the device and see what chips and technological marvels lie beneath that stylish exterior. The resulting TechRepublic Cracking Open Photo Gallery reveals an iPhone that continues to evolve. Several refinements to the interior design and engineering choices are evident as the iFixit team carefully works its way through the device.

So if you want to get a closer look at what makes the Apple iPhone 3G S tick, flip through the featured Cracking Open Gallery. iFixit has once again done a stellar job of exposing the inner workings of a piece of gadgetry.

iFixit is a one-stop-shop for the parts, tools, and repair manuals needed to fix iPods, iPhones, Macs, and more. They make it easy for anyone to repair their Apple hardware. Follow along as iFixit engineers disassemble the iPhone 3G S.