TechRepublic writers Dan Patterson and Brandon Vigliarolo discussed what apps you need on your smartphone in a natural disaster. Of the 10 Vigliarolo wrote about in a gallery published this week, he said three of them are absolute necessities.

With Hurricane Irma expected to make landfall in Florida this Saturday it’s more important than ever to be prepared, especially if you don’t have cellular service following the storm. That’s why Vigliarolo says a map app like is so important. provides all the directions and information you would expect from the maps app you usually use, but it can download apps to provide all the same information without an internet connection.

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Also on Vigliarolo’s list is the FEMA mobile app. It displays warnings, survival tips, and shelter locations near you–all indispensable information when a hurricane is bearing down. The FEMA app’s most important feature, finding nearby shelters, does require an internet connection. You should use it before any storms hit to find out where to go in an emergency.

Lastly, Vigliarolo says the Red Cross’ suite of first aid apps are all must-haves during a disaster. General first aid, pet first aid, and a variety of natural disaster aid apps are available. You should download the ones that could pertain to your situation.

You can find the entire gallery of life-saving disaster apps at TechRepublic.

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