I finished reading Thomas GreaniasThe Atlantis Revelation a couple of days ago, and I was left simultaneously wanting more and feeling glad it was over.

I wanted more because the story was well written and thoroughly enjoyable (it’s along the same vein as the adventure novels of Clive Cussler); but I was glad to finish the book because the story was like a roller coaster — after the first “hill,” there’s no stopping until the very end. All I could do was hang on, enjoy the ride, and hope that my heart could handle the excitement. (Well, I say that I was happy to be finished with the book, but I am disappointed that this is the final installment in the author’s Atlantis series.)

The story

The Atlantis Revelation continues the tale of Archaeologist Conrad Yeats and Sister Serena Serghetti that began in Raising Atlantis and was continued in The Atlantis Prophecy. Due to the history and interactions between the two main characters, I recommend that you read the first two books, which are available in one volume entitled The Atlantis Legacy, before jumping into the third installment in the series; otherwise, it would be like walking into a movie that was two-thirds over — even if you like it, you wouldn’t be able to quite follow the plot.

The Atlantis Revelation revolves around an artifact with devastating power, whose origins lay in the lost Nazi Antarctic base mentioned in The Atlantis Prophecy. Add to this the fact that the European branch of the Alignment is still intact, is aware of the existence of the artifact, and that Yeats (for reasons of his own) is searching for the lost u-boat that is believed to have been carrying the artifact. Yeats is forced to rely on his skills and his abilities that his rather unique heritage gives him just to survive the Alignment’s thirst for revenge.

Any fans of adventure stories with functioning adrenal glands will enjoy The Atlantis Revelation.

If you’ve read any installments from Greanias’ Atlantis trilogy, what were your impressions of the writing and the stories? Share your thoughts in the discussion.

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