articles on VB.NET, Web services, and HTML frames were all part of August’s most popular list, with “HTML frames can reduce server traffic” topping the list and generating a lively discussion among readers. Here are the top 10 articles, active discussions, and book and product reviews for August 2002 as compiled by the editorial team.

Top articles for August

  1. “HTML frames can reduce server traffic”
  2. “Read and write text files with Visual Basic .NET”
  3. “Top five Web service myths”
  4. “Turn your senior developers into mentors”
  5. “Prototypes save time and money and reduce problems”
  6. “Take advantage of exception chaining in Java 1.4”
  7. “Don’t let the jerk at the top steal all your thunder”
  8. “The .NET Common Programming Model (CPM)”
  9. “Six ways to build a better developer”
  10. “Database normalization starts with the keys”

Active discussions

Book and product reviews

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