It is that time again for me to spend a good deal of time learning and having fun at Tech Ed 2008 in sunny Florida. The Tech Ed venue has changed this year. Instead of having five full days geared toward developers and administrators, it has been split out into two weeks — one week for developers and one week for administrators, respectively.

I just finished Bill Gates’ keynote address, and in true form he started out with a video chronicling his last day as a Microsoft employee. He pulls up in a Ford Focus ready for his last day and does an exit interview with Steve Ballmer in addition to meeting with famous people such as Bono, Matthew McConaughey, Steven Spielberg, John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Warren Buffet, and more. Do yourself a favor and watch the video if you haven’t seen it.

The keynote highlighted several key areas such as Visual Studio, Silverlight, SQL Server 2008, and robotics. I am looking forward to the next two weeks as I learn a lot and collect many T-shirts to wash my car as well as dog toys. I have a lot of fun learning new technology in the hands-on labs; it still is one my favorite things to do. Stay tuned. Oh, and by the way, I got to meet the Balmer Bot (thumbnail image). He was cool, and you should see him get excited!