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It’s a new year, which means fresh goals. For developers, a new year is an opportunity to learn or brush up on programming languages and their dialects, software frameworks, and tools. 

However, knowing what to learn and when can be difficult, particularly when new software frameworks and tools are created every day.

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Further, knowing which programming language is best suited to help you as a developer requires a clear understanding of what each language is capable of and why they are typically used.

The following ebook: The best programming languages to learn–and the worst from TechRepublic Premium will give you an overview of how different programming languages are used, their strengths and weaknesses, and which programming languages are the most popular (and the least popular) in different career trajectories and why. 

JavaScript, Java, and Python are among the most sought-after programming languages from hiring managers when recruiting new developers, according to a new survey from programmer training company CodinGame. 

According to TIOBE, Python was awarded its top programming language of the year for a record-setting fourth time. TIOBE explained that it awards the annual title “to the programming language that has gained most popularity in one year.” 

SEE: The best programming languages to learn–and the worst (TechRepublic Premium)

Of course, just because a programming language is popular doesn’t mean it’s the best language for you to learn. For example, the best programming languages that cloud engineers need to learn may differ from the best programming languages network architects need to know to better understand the job’s landscape to design secure and scalable networks.

This ebook provides detailed recommendations about specific programming languages that languages application solutions developers, network architects, network admins, systems admins, data admins, web developers, data scientists, mobile app developers, security admins, and Internet of Things (IoT) developers need to learn to maintain an edge over the competition

Just because a programming language surges in popularity one year, doesn’t mean it can’t fall from grace the next. What are some of these hated programming languages? Find out in the ebook The best programming languages to learn–and the worst.