IT managers can always use a helping hand, and that’s what they have been finding this year on TechRepublic. One of the most popular TechRepublic features is our downloads section, where members can download reference materials, white papers, templates, checklists, tools, and other handy items.

Here is a summary of the top four downloads of 2000 from IT Manager Republic.

#1 Thou shalt be a better project manager
Never let it be said that our members can’t appreciate a little humor with their helpful information. “The Ten Commandments of project management,” with more than 56,000 downloads, is currently the 10th most popular download in TechRepublic’s history. Not only did TechRepublic artists “chisel” these commandments into a suitable-for-framing mini-poster, but we also included a checklist form of 10 project management fundamentals.

#2 How does your salary compare?
We weren’t surprised at the huge number of TechRepublic members who downloaded the results from a salary survey of IT professionals. The survey breaks the data down by both job category and by regions of the United States. The survey was available for a limited time on TechRepublic and can be found now on the DataMasters site. For other salary information, check out the sources listed in “Three ways to recruit IT workers when you can’t afford huge salaries.”

#3 Prevent problems with two project forms
Project management is a hot topic in the IT Manager Republic, and another popular download is “Basic IT forms to keep your projects on track.” Using the theory that forms don’t have to be complicated to be utilitarian, these project management forms keep the terms of your IT project clear and also document any changes.

#4 Don’t catch a virus this season
Viruses were on the minds of IT managers during 2000, and our “Virus prevention checklist” was popular because of it. The checklist offers a variety of prevention methods to help you reduce your risk of falling victim to an attack.
What kinds of downloads would you like to see TechRepublic feature in the coming year? Send us your ideas or begin a discussion below.