If you’ve missed the live broadcast of Steve Ballmer’s talk at the Microsoft’s Power to Developers event yesterday in Sydney, you can view it here. During the speech, Ballmer hinted there may be a Windows AppStore coming up, similar to Apple iPhone AppStore. For a compilation of the best Ballmer moments, see this week’s episode of Club Builder.

At Saleforce.com’s annual Dreamforce conference this week it was announced that the company will be introducing a new service — Force.com Sites, which is claimed to make it easier for customers to build external websites. Data and applications stored on the Force.com platform will be able to be published to any website. We also brought you video coverage of the announcement. In addition to Force.com Sites, the company will provide Force.com for Facebook. During the conference, Salesforce.com’s CEO Marc Benioff criticised SAP for not understanding cloud computing and Microsoft for focusing on its own technology with Azure and excluding other players.

In browser news, Firefox’s new privacy mode has been made available to testers and Google has released the latest version of Chrome —, which is even faster.

In blogs this week, Chris Duckett covered some Theora and Firefox milestones and Alex Serpo blogged about issues surrounding Windows 7 versioning and pricing.

In other videos this week, Adam Cogan, an MVP for Microsoft talks about why developers should use LINQ, we show you common mistakes when installing Linux software, why won’t work and a battle of the browsers.

— Posted by Lana Kovacevic.