Every week, Tim Landgrave writes about current issues that affect the technology sector. With his many years of experience in both starting up and growing several technology-based businesses, Tim has created quite a following on TechRepublic. As a bonus edition to Landgrave’s View, we have decided to feature some of his best articles.

“Are Web services for real?”
Web services are tough to define. The confusion surrounding Web services could make CIOs dismiss them as just another buzzword that everyone talks about but no one follows through with. Get Tim’s explanation on why Web services could ultimately end up like the ASP model.

“The future of storage is ‘virtually’ assured”
A little-known company named Xiotech, a division of Seagate Technology, is making it simple to consolidate servers and storage. Its ability to boot directly from the storage system, combined with the dynamic partitioning and mirroring capabilities, gives the system some unique capabilities. The advances will very likely change how you view and manage storage.

“Nope, Novell’s not dead yet”
Novell’s latest release has given the company a new lease on life. Given Novell’s propensity to reinvent itself whenever threatened by outside forces, it’s worth every CIO’s time to understand where Novell is heading. This article gives a glimpse of Novell’s direction.

“IM policies offer users guidance for intelligent messaging”
Tim explains a few simple rules all CIOs should know to deal with all those ubiquitous instant messaging programs in today’s enterprise. He even explains the benefits of using IM—it provides more intelligent messaging capabilities than standard e-mail.