It’s time once again to figure out what to buy mom for Mother’s Day.

Here are several gift suggestions that will suit anyone from a hardcore techie to a tech noob. But remember–it really is the thought that counts. Moms appreciate being remembered and appreciated, whatever gift you pick.

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First and foremost is Game of Thrones. OtterBox has a wine tumbler set in white or black with Game of Thrones sayings such as “I Drink and I Know Things” and “Mother of Dragons.” They are available exclusively at AT&T stores and at AT&T online in black or white.

Then there’s the Pico C Craft Beverage Bundle that brews anything from craft beer and cold coffee to kombucha.

Kate Spade’s new scallop smartwatch 2 in blush leather is the ultimate for any stylish mom. The watch face can be customized to coordinate with any outfit color.

The Silent Beacon is a wearable, wireless panic-button device that connects to smartphones, tablets, and other compatible Bluetooth devices. One button push allows the Beacon to place a call to 911 while simultaneously alerting up to six additional contacts with a text, email, and live tracking GPS location.

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And for moms ready to stop hearing their kids gripe about slow streams or spotty Wi-Fi connections in the house, there’s the Mercku’s M2 mesh Wi-Fi router. It can support up to 60 devices.

If you worry about your mom’s health, the Freedom Guardian will serve as a medical alert smartwatch with immediate access to emergency assistance anywhere in the US, with no need for a cell phone or Bluetooth.

The TechDen manages screen time with an app parents use to program and monitor The Den, a physical home that charges and stores kids’ phones and tablets. The Den takes an “out of sight, out of mind” approach that teaches healthy digital habits and creates a positive balance with the screens in our lives. A simple app pairs with The Den, creating household harmony. It doesn’t shut down devices–it provides timely reminders and notifications about the device time your family scheduled.

The SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro is a great way for mom to know everyone who comes to the front door.

Phiaton’s Bolt BT 700 wireless earbuds are a standout with a charging case that doubles as a wireless speaker. The earbuds feature Touch interface controls and buttons and access to Siri and Google Assistant, as well as convenient music and call controls on the earbuds with the swipe of a finger, and hands-free voice commands.

The Vi Trainer is an audio-guided indoor and outdoor cardio workout app that adjusts in real time to help mom reach fitness goals. Pair it with the Vi Sense earphones that feature a heart rate sensor, premium audio, and a long 8-hour battery.

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Awair 2nd Edition is an air quality monitor that monitors key pollutants in the air that can significantly impact a person’s health and offers easy solutions to improve your home environment and your health. It monitors fine dust, chemicals (Volatile Organic Compounds), CO2, humidity, and temperature. Air quality levels are shown directly on the device’s LED display.

Adero is a smart system to organize bags and handbags through tracking tags. By tagging each of your essential items, you can push a button before you leave the house and make sure everything important is inside your bag.

Finally, for Sex and the City fans, there’s a USB lipstick case car charger that will help mom channel her inner Samantha or Charlotte.

Image: Derek Poore/TechRepublic