The biggest challenges teams face during cloud implementation

There's nothing easy about the shift to the cloud. New Relic chief product officer Jim Gochee shared some of the main sticking points for companies and teams.

The biggest challenges of adopting DevOps

Jim Gochee, chief product officer at New Relic, spoke to TechRepublic's Dan Patterson about the challenges companies experience today with cloud adoption.

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Gochee: I think cloud, especially in the larger companies ... cloud's been around for a few years. And I would say it started and got really great traction, within a project team, or within project teams. Teams that were really trying to move fast, and they got permission from the business, side step central IT, don't provision equipment the old way, go ahead and go straight to cloud.

Companies had a lot of success with that, and now they're at the point, where they're trying to standardize on the cloud, and roll it out more broadly. And that really is driving a number of big cultural shifts, shifts in responsibility, for what central IT is supposed to be doing now. Do they have the relationship with the cloud vendor? Are they disintermediated, and project teams go direct? And so they're to figure out the right ways to structure, I would say, cloud at scale, or cloud more broadly, or more widely adopted within the enterprise."

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