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ServiceNow, the makers of a variety of digital workflow products, pulled the curtains back on several new software products, and improvements to existing ones, at its Knowledge 2021 digital conference.

The company announced expansion into two new service areas, healthcare and smart manufacturing, as well as new software features designed to help businesses adapt to what it calls “the new era of distributed work.”

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Citing an employee experience imperative survey it performed, ServiceNow said 65% of employees it polled hope to maintain some form of hybrid work once it’s safe to return to the office. What that means, the company said, is that cross-industry transformations in how work gets done are coming.

To that end, ServiceNow is releasing three new features designed to help distributed businesses:

  • Neighborhoods for Workplace Service Delivery is a new feature to help safely bring people back to the office. Businesses can use Neighborhoods to assign different work teams to different areas of an office, manage traffic flow and reservations, and ensure that COVID-19 guidelines are being met by preventing overcrowding.
  • A new Microsoft Outlook plugin for reservation management, which ServiceNow said will bring planning “directly into the tools employees are using.”
  • Expanded planning features in the Safe Workplace Dashboard that collects and presents data from ServiceNow’s Safe Workplace Suite to track occupancy levels, optimize resources, and better plan to meet safety guidelines.

In terms of healthcare, ServiceNow announced that it’s rolling out a new Healthcare and Life Sciences Service Management product that it said is “designed to improve workflows across the front, middle and back office for healthcare and life science organizations, powering the healthcare ecosystem of the future and improving patient experiences.” The new suite includes a healthcare data model, agent workspace and prebuilt healthcare workflows.

ServiceNow is also expanding the features available in its Vaccine Administration Management software, which was released as part of its effort to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. New features include allowing clinicians and staff to schedule walk-up appointments, giving call center agents access to all available time slots (instead of only first available), and giving patients the ability to reschedule appointments at different vaccine centers.

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Lastly, ServiceNow is releasing a new Operational Technology Management platform designed for smart manufacturing organizations. The OT Management software “addresses manufacturers’ need to ensure the availability of their critical technology – a demand accelerated by COVID-19,” ServiceNow said, saying it’s design to enhance visibility, availability, and security of OT assets.

ServiceNow’s smart manufacturing software will be generally available in Q3 2021, the company said. Features being added to Vaccine Administration Management will be available in the ServiceNow store on May 13, 2021 and the new healthcare suite is expected in Q3 2021. Safe workplace planning features will be added to the Safe Workplace Dashboard at the end of May, and the reservation management Outlook plugin is scheduled to release sometime in June.

Those interested in learning more about these new features can register for Knowledge 2021 online.