In January, covered quite a few interesting topics. Here are the top 10 articles for the month of January as compiled by the editorial team:

  1. “Take advantage of advanced JavaScript functions”
  2. “Easily configure Red Hat 8 and Apache”
  3. “Why are so many Java developers frustrated with JCP?”
  4. “Add logging to your Java applications”
  5. “Application development with Microsoft .NET application blocks”
  6. “Try CSS media types to build printer-friendly pages”
  7. “Set up Web applications as finite state machines”
  8. “Three top tips for surviving open source projects”
  9. “What to do when impossible project deadlines are common procedure”
  10. “Extend the reach of SQL Server with SQLXML classes in .NET”

Hot discussions
In addition, our discussion center generated a lot of activity in January, with members sharing ideas and opinions on a wide variety of subjects. Check out these editor’s picks for the best discussions of January:

Product reviews
Finally, make sure you check out these book and product reviews:

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