You might be glad to know the South Korean man who was initially thought to have been killed by his exploding cell phone actually died of other causes.

In our report yesterday, a doctor who examined the man, who was known only by his family name — Suh — said that he was most likely killed by an explosion of the battery.

The death is now being blamed on a co-worker, who confessed to making up the story after accidentally striking the victim with a drilling vehicle, South Korean police said Friday.

Excerpt from an Associated Press report:

However, after preliminary autopsy results suggested damage to Seo’s internal organs was too great to be caused by a cell phone explosion, police questioned the colleague who first reported Seo’s death, said Min Kang-gi, a detective in Chungju, some 85 miles south of Seoul.

The man, identified only by his surname Kwon, told police that he accidentally killed Seo while backing up a drilling vehicle, acknowledging that the exploding cell phone story was a farce, Min said.

A slightly mystery remains, however, because Kwon told investigators that although he moved his vehicle to throw off police, he did not set the mobile phone on fire.

The 5% of you who likes keeping your phone in your shirt pocket can continue to do so. Ditto to the staggering 50% who prefer it in your pants pocket.