I have mentioned before in this blog that I work better in a semi-cluttered office. That’s because the way my brain works, if it’s out of sight it’s out of mind. My co-workers all seem to be obnoxiously neat and organized so I stick out as a bit of a sore thumb around here.

I thought it would make me feel better to see the cluttered work areas of others so I sent out an appeal to the TechRepublic community for examples of their own messy workspaces. Some of the images barely qualified as messy–my philosophy is if you can still see the surface of the desk it’s not really cluttered. But some of the images just made me tremble with glee and showed workspaces that were not only cluttered but perhaps violated OSHA codes.

So I invite you to look at the images and gloat with superiority or wallow in the knowledge that you are not alone in your “deskular” chaos.  Click here to see the Cluttered Workspace gallery.