Here’s a look back at the 75 original Despair, Inc. Demotivators that have appeared on TechRepublic, as well as several dozen additional faux-Demotivators designed to amuse and abuse fans of Linux, Star Trek, and Dungeons & Dragons.

The Original Demotivators. Twenty-five painfully funny reasons why honesty is almost never the best policy, especially when you’re trying to motivate a wage-slave workforce.

Revenge of the Demotivators. Another 25 examples of how adversity, agony and humiliation were never so utterly and clearly all your fault.

Demotivators Strike Again. When hope once again rears its ugly head, these final 25 doses of bitter reality will keep the employee proletariat safely in line.

Dungeons & Dragons Demotivators. If you’ve ever caught yourself arguing whether Darth Vader’s character alignment was Lawful Evil or Neutral evil, these posters are for you. If you have a well thought-out position on the relative virtues of D20 versus GURPS, these posters are for you. If you not only know what THAC0 is, but were upset when people stopped using it…dude, seriously, seek help.

Star Trek Demotivators. Why exactly is McCoy so afraid of those transporters? How does Harcourt Fenton Mudd get all those ladies? What do interstellar diplomacy and gut-punches have in common? These posters have…well, not exactly answers, but new ways to mock these eternal questions.

Linux Demotivators. Really freakin’ funny if you know your distro quirks…or if you just know an insufferable Linux zealot who’ll turn redfaced at the sight of Penguin-bashing. Happy funtimes either way.