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The Development Exchange (DevX) makes life easier for programmers

DevX provides free information to help developers deliver state-of-the-art applications.

Software developers never sleep. As soon as they get an application running, they have to change it. So where can developers get help? My TechRepublic colleague Dan Seewer, a Web development engineer, recommends The Development Exchange, located on the Web at .

Get into the Zones
DevX is produced by Fawcette Technical Publications in Palo Alto, California. The site is dedicated to helping IT professionals who write software, manage teams that develop software, and are involved in selecting development platforms and tools.

The most important areas on the site are divided into “Zones” corresponding to specific areas of development, including: Application Server, ASP, C++, DHTML, Enterprise, Java, JavaBeans, NetMeeting, SQL, UML, Visual Basic, and XML. Each Zone contains sections with links to technical articles, news, related Web sites, newsgroups, and marketplaces (where you can buy books and developer tools). Each Zone also has a free daily e-mail tip.

Much of the content is free with unrestricted access; however, the “good stuff,” while still free, is available only to registered users. Registering takes only a few minutes and is well worth the effort.

In the left navigation bar, DevX features links to a number of home pages for magazines dedicated to professional developers, as well as links to information for upcoming industry conferences. One of the features I like best about the home page is the “In the Zones” section, which provides links to the Tip of the Day, Product Review, Book Review, Best of the Web, and Download of the Week for each zone.

In a world where operating systems and hardware platforms change almost as often as the weather, developers are constantly upgrading their skill sets. One way programmers can save time and trouble is by learning from the experiences of other programmers—and DevX provides a great place to stay in touch.
If you’d like to recommend a great site for developers, please send me a note or post a comment below.

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