The downside of miserly training spending

One reader has tried and tried to secure company dollars for training—to no avail. Learn more about his struggle to obtain career development training funds.

Back in June, one of our contributors, Matthew Mercurio, wrote an article entitled “Explaining to your boss why you need money for training .” Recently, an anonymous reader shared the woes he’s dealt with in trying to get company money for his personal career development training. Here’s what he had to say:

Our reader’s experience
“My boss always has a way of downplaying the importance of additional training. He is plainly afraid that once we get well trained we will eventually leave the company.

“I am the type of guy that loves to learn more each day. I don't want to just know what's needed to do my job—I already know that! Whenever we want to attend a seminar, conference, or expo, we get the usual response: ‘I don’t think this is a work-related issue. They'll just try to sell you something.’

“I guess other professionals and companies that are at the training are not great sources of information when one needs it, huh? The tips and tricks one can learn aren’t that important either. No, they come and migrate from one NOS to another and bring in all kinds of consultants to do the job.

“We don't have that much experience with the new system, but wouldn't it be a good idea if we were trained on that long before they deployed it? Please let me work side-by-side with these consultants and maybe I can even learn something.”

The end result?
“I guess it is learn on your own and pay your own way, then skip out. Eventually we'll all become ‘consultants.’ …But some of us would rather be in an office that can be as cozy as home instead of working as a loner.”
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