Okay, so I’ve hit a bit of a lull in my writing (various reasons why)

and have tossed around the idea of joining a local writers group to

jumpstart the process. My fear is that this group will turn out like

most of the others I’ve seen and heard about–a clutch of self-absorbed

outcasts who can’t give or take constructive criticism, but instead

want to be told how wonderful they are and how unfair it is that

editors won’t recognize and publish their genius.

Again, this is just cyncial experience talking. The local group could be fine. I won’t know until I sit in on a meeting.

Today, however, I came across a Writers Digest article about online writers groups,

which reminded me how often I’ve come across aspiring writers in the TR

forums. I’m wondering if I shouldn’t just start my own group online

somewhere–I have some particular ideas about how the group should be

structured–and then go from there. Just rambling, but it’s an idea

worth revisiting.