After years of tweaking, patching, and otherwise cajoling the Microsoft Windows XP operating system, many administrators and users feel comfortable with their current systems. But now the writing is on the wall, and the dominance of Windows XP in the marketplace is slowly but surely being squeezed by Windows Vista, Linux, Mac OS X, and eventually Windows 7.

Like it or not, information technology professionals have no choice but to plan for another operating system migration. The aging equipment sitting on many a user’s desk is going to have to be replaced, and that will likely mean a new operating system.

Have you been planning for this eventuality? Would you like to know what your peers are thinking on this subject? I certainly would.

To get the ball rolling and to give us a starting point for discussion, I created the following set of poll questions. The idea is to get a glimpse of the general thinking among IT pros and then expand on the topic to gain a little more in-depth collective insight.

Please don’t scoff at the idea — the TechRepublic Community is an excellent barometer for the industry.

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