My esteemed colleague Arun yesterday covered the blessings of a new Web-based ‘people search’ market, but I come to bury, not to praise it.

With Manhattan planning to copy the omnipresent surveillance pioneered in the land of ‘Big Brother‘ with its ‘Ring of Steel,’ {Update: See Slashdot revelation} I think IT pros should let friends and acquaintances know about G. I. G. O.: Garbage In, Garbage Out.

A prime example is the cell phone-number-for-sale racket, where you can pay to reveal an otherwise private number; not always the number for the person you wanted, mind you, as the Seattle Times revealed today. The match-up of record A with record B to record C it uses reaches its nadir with “No-Fly Lists.”

It’s no wonder that with invasions of privacy like these, that REAL ID has lost traction with nine of the fifty states.

What are some other prime examples of egregious information errors more folks should know about?