While I’m not

always sad to hear about the death of a cultural icon, in this case I

am. James

Doohan, better-known to Trekkers as Scotty, the ship’s chief engineer

from the original Star Trek series, died this week. He was 85.


Not many

television/movie characters, not even in the formidable Star Trek franchise,

can claim to have a common turn of phrase forever associated with them. Someday,

when they figure out how to overcome the currently perceived laws of physics to

make it possible, there will be a transporter machine that will whisk away travelers

from planet to space and back again. I believe when we get to that point the

common command to the operator will be “Beam me up Scotty.” I hope

I’m alive to see that day.



Scotty – thanks for making life just that much more pleasant for so many.