It can be a bear to get the latest news stories from your mobile phone. All of that typing on a tiny keyboard and loading all of the images and ads can really strain your phone and your patience. This is where an RSS aggregate reader comes in handy. There are many news apps for the Android mobile platform, but here are five of the best RSS readers I have seen.

1: BuzzBox is one of the better designed, user-friendly news apps. It has an elegant UI, and it allows you to easily search through hundreds of default feeds and select which feeds you want to include. The stories you see are based on the news topics you follow, so you aren’t actually following a specific news feed but multiple feeds based on a topic. You can find topics by searching for keywords from the Search button at the top of the app or by going to the Sources configuration and selecting from numerous sources. You can also import from Google Reader (this feature is currently in beta testing). BuzzBox also has one of the best widgets for news feeds. Cost: Free
2: News Reader is a lightning fast application that gives the reader quick access to article summaries within feeds. News Reader can quickly have the user up and running with a default set of feeds, feeds imported from Google Reader, or manually via feed URL. News Reader adds gesture support so that you can easily mark an article as read with a simple swipe of the finger. What sets this apart from other news feed readers is the simplicity of the interface; you will no problem navigating the articles and feeds. Cost: Free

3: FeedR News Reader is one of the few news feed apps I have actually paid for — and it is worth the money. The best feature (and the reason I was willing to pay the cost) is probably the simple mechanism FeedR has for adding feeds. Instead of having to enter complete URLs, you can simply search a topic and choose from the list of feeds available for that topic. The Widget for this application, however, does need some work; instead of being able to specify a size for the widget, you only get one, rather small, size that displays just one story at a time. Cost: $1.99
4: Geeky Feeds is a news feed reader for geeks. From this reader, you can easily view feeds from Slashdot, Mashable, Gizmodo, Lifehacker, Wired, TechCrunch, and more. What is really nice about this reader is the tabbed-based interface, which gives the reader quick access to the Reader, the feeds, Favorites, and Settings. Although you cannot add your own feeds to Geeky Feeds, the selection they offer should cover any geeks’ news needs. Cost: Free
5: BlueRSS is another aggregator that offers a widget and a very simple search feature. For BlueRSS, you simply enter the URL for a site that contains a feed, and the app will automatically locate the exact URLs for the feed. Even though the widget is a small size, the BlueRSS reader is far better than most others. This particular reader will even show article images in-line without having to view the image in a browser. Cost: Free

Add to this list by posting what your favorite feed reader is for Android. Also, if you’ve used any of the five apps I discussed in this article, let me know if you agree that they are the best of the best.