Editor’s note: The featured download was originally published in 2000, but we decided to resurface it from our archives because the concepts discussed still hold true today.

For many IT consultants, mastering the technical aspects of their field and following through on projects isn’t a dilemma. Acquiring the client-relationship skills needed to be a successful consultant, however, is difficult for many.

Pulling concepts from his book, The IT Consultant: A Commonsense Framework for Managing the Client Relationship, Rick Freedman explains the five fundamentals of IT consulting. This download addresses the complexities of providing your advice and service to clients; it can also help you fine-tune your approach and strengthen your client relationships.

According to Freedman, the level of trust in the relationship between client and consultant will determine the success of the project, more so than the technical discipline involved. Moreover, developing a clear understanding with the client about what should be accomplished and helping clients to envision the desired result will ensure a positive relationship. Most importantly, Freedman says, consultants should act in an advisory role, allowing clients to make decisions and helping them reach their goals.

The life of an IT consultant presents a plethora of daily challenges: keeping up with the latest technology, choosing the right products for a job, managing complex projects, and networking with associates to find the next contract. Along with these tasks, a consultant must focus a lot of attention on the client relationship. Freedman believes the IT advisory process is based on five fundamental concepts. Find out what they are by downloading the five fundamentals of IT consulting.
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