In the six months since we launched the Five Tips blogs, we’ve touched on everything from network design, Windows boot problems, and securing mobile devices to job search strategies, Linux migration, and controlling IT costs. But when it came time to round up the most popular posts of the year, the clear favorites came down to two main issues: system performance and security. Here are the tips TechRepublic members liked the most this year.

1: Five tips for speeding up a slow PC

When PC performance slows to a crawl, a few simple techniques can make a huge difference. Jack Wallen explains the first steps he takes to perk up a sluggish system.

2: Five tips for speeding up Windows XP performance

You may be able to improve a pokey Windows XP system with a trip to the Performance Options dialog box. Here are a few tweaks worth trying.

3: Five tips for getting rid of crapware

New computers are being sold with crapware installed — but you don’t have to put up with it. Here’s what you can do about it.

4: Five tips for dealing with rootkits

Rootkits are diverse, elusive, and difficult to get rid of. These basic pointers will help you combat this escalating threat.

5: Five tips for removing viruses and spyware from client machines

IT consultants must regularly remove stubborn, regenerative, and corrupting spyware and viruses from client machines. See how you can return systems to stable operation.