In some ways, blogging is like a misbehaving child: negative attention is good attention. Even if people hate you, they’re still connected to you in some way, and that connection translates to page views.

Apparently, that’s the driving force behind some successful blogs, if you read Rafe Needleman’s CNET news blog, How to be the most hated person on the Internet: Five role models.

Here are the five pundits he skewers:

  1. Dave Winer
  2. Michael Arrington
  3. Jason Calacanis
  4. Owen Thomas
  5. Loren Feldman

If you ever thought about expanding your career to include blogging, you would be wise to check this blog out to get a glimpse of the backbiting and sometimes salacious behavior of the tech blogging world. You can also vote for the person you think is the most hated technology pundit.