The TechRepublic iOS App Builder Blog has only been a separate entity for a few months, but it has already drawn a solid following of iOS developers looking to improve their skills. This list of the five most popular posts mainly deal with best practices for coding and marketing iOS apps, but a tutorial on creating an iPhone Clock was also very popular.

The five most popular

1. Avoid these classic software development mistakes

There is more to application development than just clean code – each project must be managed too.

2. Best practices for mobile application development (revisited)

Do we need a new set of best practices for mobile device application development? I was hoping for more participation on this question – here is your second chance.

3. Create your own Apple iPhone Clock App

Continuing his basic iOS development tutorial, Todd Moore shows us how to create a simple iPhone Clock App.

4. Five books that every Apple iOS developer should own

All developers need to have a library they can count on when the coding gets tough. Here are five suggestions for your iOS book shelf.

5. Napkin doodles are the cornerstone of your next great mobile app

Keeping your project within the original boundaries and reducing or eliminating scope creep requires more diligence in the “planning” stages.