We may not have a crystal ball to predict the future of employment in the IT world, but we’ve got some pretty good research, courtesy of TechPro Research.

First, demand for IT workers is getting stronger. 56 percent of respondents said demand for their roles increased in the past two years.

Second, IT certifications are being seen as more valuable than bachelor’s and master’s degrees. TPR found certifications within

respondent job roles ranked three times as important as traditional degrees.

Third, amongst IT pros, self-study and research are the most popular methods for learning new subjects. TPR found that 95 percent of respondents took this route, over other methods like paid training from employers or hands on training.

Fourth, 59 percent of folks are worried their skills will become obsolete, which might explain that previous point. 34 percent isn’t concerned. 7 percent isn’t sure.

For the full report on the future of IT jobs, you can download it as a PDF from Tech Pro Research, a joint venture between TechRepublic and ZDNet that offers premium IT information.

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