Though xkcd probably said it best when it comes to the two-edged sword that is Valentines Day, this knowledge still won’t get you off the hook for commemorating the day with a token of appreciation presented to your significant other. Thus, here’s a rundown of some geek-worthy (and reasonably priced) gift ideas for your special someone, courtesy of ThinkGeek:

Gifts for Her

tqualizer_babydoll_tweaked.gifThe T-Qualizer babydoll t-shirt: “Features a glowing animated graphic equalizer on the front of the shirt which reacts to ambient sound and music.” Hey, only a geek would buy his best girl a t-shirt that includes integrated circuitry, interactive features, and requires batteries to function. Just be sure you don’t accidentally convey a high maintenance subtext when she finds out it isn’t machine washable.
HTTPanties four-pack: “Feeling frisky? Well then don the black ‘200 OK’ panties and see where they take you. Alternatively, the white ‘403 Forbidden’ style sends a very different and hopefully clear message. We think ‘411 Length Required’ and ‘413 Requested Entity Too Large’ are pretty self-explanatory.” Goes great with ‘304 Not Modified’ HTTPajama Top.
Chocolate molecule ladies tee: “The Theobromine molecule is presented in a beautiful magenta against a sumptuous backdrop of a dark chocolate babydoll shirt. Like a raspberry dipped in ganache, this shirt is just waiting to be given to that special someone. In the words of the immortal Barry White, ‘Your sweetness is my weakness.'”

Gifts for Him

8bit_tie.jpgThe 8-bit necktie: “An 8-Bit tie – what an awesome way for the drones of Cubeland to show their independence from Corporate America! … Silk-like Microfiber construction, clip on* (for easy dressing and t-shirt wear if needed), and custom designed by us for you. You’ll be the envy of the office or, at least, you’ll get tons of attention. You’ll be just like Mario when he wore a tie to meetings when negotiating his contact with Nintendo.”
Molecular cufflinks: “What is this stuff? It’s a photomicrograph of a particular [caffeine or testosterone] molecule taken by Michael W. Davidson of the Optical Microscopy Division of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory at Florida State University (say that three times fast) then attached to a sterling silver finding.” Take that, formal occasions!
Geek love poem t-shirt: “Roses are #FF0000. Violets are #0000FF. All my base are belong to you.” On black, with white text–except where hex-specified. (Sniff.) That’s beautiful, man.