My automated call system delivered five calls to me today, all within a 30 mile radius: Bonus point number one. I wasn’t in for hours behind the wheel in dreadful weather. In fact, the sun shone. At lunch time I stopped on the cliff top in Bournemouth and watched the sun sparkling on the sea; yes the same sea that all this week has been a filthy grey colour.

All the jobs that came in were correctly logged and were relatively straightforward, a replacement part to be fitted to a paper handling machine, a broken belt to replace, a software patch to be applied and a couple of minor adjustments.

Each customer I visited seemed to be relaxed when I arrived, was cheerful and the jobs, for once, all went smoothly, the jobs went to plan and the traffic was light and flowed well. Apart from Bournemouth, all the calls were in rural locations, one customer was holding their Christmas party so after fixing the machine I was invited to partake of some of their seasonal cheer. After refusing the booze, I had a pleasant fruit drink and a plate of tasty treats and left feeling warm inside.

Driving back through the Purbeck Hills I stopped to watch the sun setting behind the ruined 1000 year old Corfe Castle.

The sun was a shimmering pink disk, a low mist clung to the hills and the air was alive with a fresh frost, it was truly wonderful.

When I arrived home, the parking space nearest to my cottage door was empty, so my happiness was complete.

It doesn’t take much to make me happy.