Harry Potter Book 7Come July, the Harry Potter literary trend is over, when the final book in the series is released. It would be a shame if all those budding readers–particularly science fiction & fantasy readers–gave up books once the Potter wave crests. Our friends at SFSignal are set to do something about it:

“I’d like to see us come up with a list of books that might appeal to Harry Potter readers. There will be six categories: (SF) 12 and Under, (SF)Young Adult, (SF) Adult, (F)12 and Under, (F)Young Adult, and (F) Adult. I ask that you list up to three books in each category. About two weeks or so before the release of the last Potter book, the results will be tabulated and the result will be a PDF file listing the top 3 books in each category suitable for printing on a 4×6” index card. Something along the lines of: ‘You like the wonders of Harry Potter, you may like to read some of the following books…’ This will be open to discussion as well. You can then, if you so choose, print these out and take them to your local bookstore to hand out to those people waiting in line. There will also be a link on the card pointing back to this post showing that there are a lot more choices than just the ones presented on the card.”