I have been toying around with podcasts; you have the option for this blog to listen to it as a podcast or read at your leisure. Or if you have plenty of spare time on your hands, do both. I had a good time with this. Let me know what you think.

Several months ago, I wrote a blog on how to emulate MAC OS X Tiger in a Windows environment. Has anyone tried it? I just finished creating an Installation gallery for MAC OS X Tiger. You can view it in My Hot Button Flickr gallery.

Apple takes some getting used to in my opinion. It looks cool and I feel cool when I use it in a virtual machine of course :-).

Apple. The thing about Apple. They have the COOL factor. I admit, I have an ipod (60 GB Photo). Do you have one? The Apple hype has many people running out to buy Apple computers because it is hip to own one. That little Apple is so cool and trendy and people feel perfectly fine running out and spending the big dollars. What is the new slogan they are using with their new line of Intel Core Duo computers?

“What’s an Intel chip doing in a Mac? A whole lot more than it’s ever done in a PC”

Are you kidding me? Really! Let me tell you Apple what an Intel chip is doing in a Mac. It is a known fact the IBM chips you were using were lagging in the ability to keep the processors cool. Combine this with you having trouble matching the lightning speed of x86 (Intel) competitors and that my friend is why the MAC has an Intel chip. The slogan just rubs me the wrong way but despite my little rant, for some reason, I am itching to have one of these computers. I don’t know why. I am telling you that it must be what I call “The Hip Factor.” It is just COOL to own an Apple computer.

Let’s now segway to Linux.

Linux on the other hand has no cool factor whatsoever. It has the GEEK factor which is pretty funny. Why do people assume if you are running Linux, you are 102 lbs with pimples and haven’t had a date ever? People assume Linux users watch Star Trek and play video games all day and are the biggest geeks in the world. I am sure that is not the case but I wonder how Linux got tagged this way. Could it possibly be from its unfriendly user interface or quite frankly could it be from the Crazy Linux Zealots who bite your head off every chance they get. Could it be the terminology such as RPM, Gimp, Compile GCC, etc? Either way, what could we do to get Linux to have the “Hip Factor?” Will people every think it is cool to run Linux. I am thinking not. Dam, I just want to buy an Apple!