Recently, my mother-in-law needed some help with her machine.  It seems she managed to download a virus by borking up a URL.  I’m not sure of the entire scene, but it seems there was a pop-up that prompted her to “click here” for virus protection and she did.  One thing lead to another and she was infected as well as bogged down under popups.  

So, I get the call.  Over Thanksgiving, I spent some time cleaning up her machine and doing basic maintenance.  All seemed well and good, but I realized that, for some reason, the autoupdate was failing to install something.  Low and behold, IE7 kept failing on install.  The error?  0x05.  What this error means is this:

  1. Download the binary
  2. Turn off all AV or if you have Norton, uninstall it
  3. Turn off all 3rd party firewalls or uninstall Zone Alarm
  4. Edit the registry according to MSDN on the 0x05 error

Fun, right?  So after much ado, IE7 is installed!  Wonderful!  Well, maybe not.  I found that IE7 will far more robust than IE6, still leaves some to be desired.  It doesn’t render some pages properly and it is a memory hog.  However, it does seem to be more secure than IE6 and it does kill most popups.

My biggest question is, will IE7 be deployed in most corporate environments?  I’m not sure.  It’s quite the hassle to deploy it and even with the binary, it doesn’t install straight away, you still have to fart around with the machine.  Deploying this across 5000 machines would be a nightmare.